Saturday, June 3, 2017

Left Forum 2017 - Economy & Psychology - A Tale of Two Depressions

This is a panel from Left Forum 2017, held June 2 - 4 at John Jay College in New York City. The conference theme was "The Resistance."

From the Organizers:

Most Americans have never recovered from the recession of 2008 and the outsourcing, mechanizing, robotizing and computerizing of their jobs. Men’s salaries and working conditions have been deteriorating since the mid 1970s. Women’s salaries have increased to 77% of men’s low salaries. Americans are emotionally depressed. We consume 50% of the world’s psych meds and 80% of the world’s heroin. Suicides addiction obesity and other social ills have increased. Too many are in despair. This panel explains what happened, why it happened and what to do about it.


Betsy Avila, Executive Director at Democracy at Work


Richard D. Wolff was educated at Harvard, Stanford and Yale. Richard. D. (Rick) Wolff is the author of the Economic Update program which appears on WBAI and 80 other radio stations nationwide. He speaks and writes nationally and internationally for Democracy at Work. The latest of his many books are Capitalism Hits the Fan, Democracy at Work a Cure for Capitalism, with David Barsamian, and Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens. He publishes as a regular columnist for Truthout as well as numerous other publications.

Dr. Harriet Fraad is a mental health Counselor and hypnotherapist in private practice in New York City. She speaks and writes on the intersections of economic and personal life in America today. She appears on WBAI the first week of every month on Economic Update with Rick Wolff. Her work can be found in Truthout, Logos, Tikkun, RM, The Psychohistory Journal, at her website and on the website of Democracy at Work. Her latest contribution to a book will appear in August 2017 in Knowledge and Class: Marxism Without Guarantees (Routledge, 2017).

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