Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CPV Valley Energy Plant: A Climate Emergency

The upper video is the edited version. The lower video is the livestream.

Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY; June 28, 2017

Protect Orange County

Call NY Governor Cuomo to tell him to shut the CPV Valley Energy Project down: 518-474-8390

From the Organizers:

The 650 MW Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) Valley Energy Project is now under construction in Orange County, New York, despite an ongoing and expanded federal criminal investigation, one guilty plea, and felony bribery charges against a company executive and close aides to Governor Cuomo, Joseph Percoco and Todd Howe. State agencies have ignored growing public concerns with fracked gas infrastructure, even as reports and studies by medical associations tell us it is not safe. Now, prominent experts advise that environmental degradation and long-term climate impacts of this project warrant emergency intervention by the state.

They will be joined by former Congressman Dennis Kucinich who called for an investigation months before indictments were announced and actor James Cromwell, who vowed to go to jail to defend against the catastrophic climate and public health impacts recently identified by the scientists.


Dr. Robert Howarth, Cornell University Professor of Ecology and Environmental Biology focusing on the greenhouse gas footprint of methane from natural gas.

Read the EPA Memorandum to which Dr. Howarth refers at 14:40 in the video.

Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, shale gas extraction expert and Cornell University Professor of Engineering

Dennis Kucinich, Former U.S. Congressman and advocate for impacted residents

James Cromwell, Academy Nominated Actor and member of the Wawayanda Six

Keith Schue, engineer and technical advisor for Otsego 2000

Pramilla Malick, Chair, Protect Orange County, 2016 Democratic Candidate for 42nd State Senate District

Valeria Gheorghiu, Sussman and Associates, Attorney for the Wawayanda Six

George Billard, Sullivan County Residents Against Millennium

See the informational sheet on the environmental dangers of fracked gas.

Listen to the Capitol Pressroom interview.