Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sane Energy Project: You Are Here

Energy Justice Shale Convergence
Wyoming County, PA   March 13 - 16, 2015

A Presentation by Kim Fraczek of Sane Energy Project

From the Organizers:

Sane Energy Project's goal is to replace shale gas infrastructure with renewable infrastructure. We oppose the development, transport, and export of fracked shale gas ("natural gas"). We support a rapid switch to renewable energy and the goal of zero fossil fuel dependence by 2030, as outlined by the 2009 Stanford University Study. Sane Energy Project is a grassroots group, formed in January of 2011 to oppose the Spectra Pipeline, the first of several high-pressure, large diameter shale gas pipelines slated to enter New York City. Today we have enlarged that mission to include shale gas infrastructure statewide and regionally. We stand in solidarity with activists fighting all forms of extreme extraction and nuclear energy.

See the map here:

Kim Fraczek is Sane Energy's Outreach Coordinator. She is committed to using art as a messaging tool for social engagement, and has brought a wise and considerate hand to the art component of all of our ongoing campaigns.