Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Just Transition: What It Means & How We Get There

Energy Justice Shale Convergence
Wyoming County, PA; March 13 -16, 2015

What does a sound economy and resilient future without shale gas look like? Panelists cover topics including:

Traditional rural heritage industries (Greg Lotorto, landscape architect & horticulturist),
Sustainable agriculture (Deirdre Lally, Endless Mountain Farm), and
Alternative energy sources (Mike Ewall, Energy Justice Network)

Introduction and further comments by Alex Lotorto.

Production Notes for Geeks:

The various noises apparent during Greg Lotorto's presentation (a hum, scratching sounds. and some sort of guttural noise, lol) are due to a loose microphone at the front of the room. They all stop suddenly, leading me to believe that I turned down that channel on the mixing board at that point.