Sunday, October 5, 2014

Speak Out Against Drones!


Speak Out Against Weaponized Drones at Hancock Drone Base

Beginning 1 p.m. Sunday, October 5, 2014, Upstate Drone Action and the Syracuse Peace Council will do all-of-us-involved street theatre outside the main gate of the Hancock Reaper drone base on East Molloy Road two miles east of Mattydale near Syracuse, NY. All are welcome.

Hancock is the home of the 174th Attack Wing of the NYS National Guard. The Attack Wing remotely controls weaponized Reaper drone robots, killing and terrorizing people in Afghanistan and probably elsewhere.

The event,  part of the world-wide Global Action Day Against the Use of Drones for Surveillance & Killing, is in solidarity with comparable events during this Keep Space for Peace Week in Asia, Europe and throughout the U.S.
Among our speakers will Mark Colville, of the Amistad Catholic Worker in New Haven, CT, recently found guilty in the De Witt Town Court on five counts for participating in a nonviolent attempt to deliver a “Peoples’ Order of Protection” to the Hancock chain of command. According to Mark, “That Peoples’ OOP, on behalf of the children of Afghanistan, is a response to the dozens of OOPs imposed on Upstate Drone Action members for exercising at Hancock our First Amendment right of petitioning our government for a redress of grievances. Those OOPs  are Hancock’s heavy-handed device for squashing dissent.”

The Syracuse Peace Council, founded 1936,  is this nation’s oldest independent local grassroots peace and justice organization. Upstate Drone Action, founded 2010, seeks to educate the public, the media and base personnel about the ongoing  Reaper drone war crimes originating at Hancock Air Base.