Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Resisting Drone Warfare - Rev. Gary Doupe Interviews Jack Gilroy

Interview: Hillcrest, NY, September 27, 2014
Sentencing Statement: Endwell, NY, September 30, 2014
Additional Video: Rally to Ground the Drones and End the Wars, Syracuse, NY, April 28, 2013

Update, October 1, 2014: Jack Gilroy was sentenced to 3 years probation, with the first 90 days to be spent in Onondaga County Jail, in addition to over $1200 in fines and surcharges in connection with his conviction on charges of trespass and obstructing governmental administration.

Press Release, September 30, 2014:

Jack Gilroy, 79, Broome County Peace Action Board member and longtime activist who has Honorable Discharges from both the US Navy and US Army will be sentenced by Judge Robert Jokl on Wednesday, October 1st at 4:30 PM at the DeWitt Court House, 5400 Butternut Drive, East Syracuse, NY 13057-8509.

Gilroy was convicted of trespass and obstructing government administration for his participation in a solemn funeral procession and die-in at Hancock Killer Drone base where missiles and bombs are fired via satellite just sixty miles away from Broome County. The maximum penalty is one year and 15 days in Jamesville Penitentiary.

Gandhian waves of nonviolent resisters to drone warfare by the 174th Attack Wing of the Hancock Air Force National Guard have been ongoing for the past five years. Gilroy's trial was based on his participation in an April 28th 2013 solemn funeral procession and die-in to illustrate the death and destruction of innocent people by drone missiles and bombs fired out of Hancock Air Force Base. Hancock is one of many drone bases around the United States doing assassinations of Muslim suspects in foreign nations.

Gilroy had an opportunity to plead guilty without penalty but noted that “the guilty are not those who carry the message to stop the killing.” He and others who have been arrested at the gates of the 174th Attack Wing all have taken oaths of non-violence. Gilroy and many others believe the United States extrajudicial killing of suspects is not only immoral and illegal but has become the premier recruiting tool for terrorists.

Websites and Books Recommended by Jack Gilroy:

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Living Under Drones
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Four selected books for students and adults:

1) A Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn
2) Compassion…Henri J.M. Nouwen
3) Strength Through Peace…Colman McCarthy
4) War is a Lie…..David Swanson
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