Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Maldives On the Brink: Climate Justice Catastrophe?

Central United Methodist Church
Endicott, NY  February 17, 2015

A talk by Leah R. Malone, M.S.

Statement from the Sierra Club Susquehanna Group:

The Maldives, a tropical small island nation and luxury resort destination known for its ecological beauty, is facing catastrophe from climate change impacts, particularly rising sea levels. Escalating instability and violence in the wake of the 2012 coup d'état and 2013 presidential election have limited the nation's ability to mitigate and adapt to the ongoing effects of climate change. Additionally, the Maldives’ global climate justice advocacy efforts - which provided a model for other vulnerable nations - have been curtailed as this 100% Sunni Muslim country struggles to maintain its fledgling democracy. These events - relevant to Binghamton as a fellow community on the front line of climate change - will be discussed by Leah Malone, M.S.; She has worked in the Maldives since 2009 as a civil society consultant for Maldivian national, regional and local NGOs as well as a journalist for Minivan News, the country’s only independent English news outlet.

Sponsored by Sierra Club Susquehanna Group

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