Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gas Drilling: Economic Impacts on Communities

United Church of Christ, Norwich, NY
February 24, 2011

Part of The Fourth Thursday Speakers Series sponsored by
C-CARE: Chenango Community Action for Renewable Energy

· How many jobs will really be created?
· Are areas where drilling has occurred better
off than areas where it has not?
· What are the true costs and benefits of drilling?


Nicole Dillingham is an attorney and the President of the Board of Otsego 2000, a not-for-profit foundation devoted to forwarding intelligent planning for the environment and preventing irreversible change and damage to the unique resources of the region. She graduated from Northwestern University School of Law, practiced commercial litigation for 23 years in California and now resides in Otsego County. Nicole Dillingham has served on the board of Otsego 2000 for the past six years and as President for the last three.


Jannette Barth is an economist and the President of J.M. Barth & Associates, Inc., an economic research and consulting firm. Dr. Barth has worked in the field of economic analysis for over 35 years. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and her former positions include Chief Economist of the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Consultant & Account Manager for Chase Econometrics/Interactive Data Corp. As a landowner in Delaware County, Dr. Barth is interested in the economic and environmental impacts of gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing techniques. She authored the report, "Unanswered Questions About the Economic Impact of Gas Drilling In the Marcellus Shale: Don’t Jump to Conclusions" in response to the existing studies of economic impacts of gas drilling in New York and the DEC’s draft SGEIS. Her work in this area is entirely self-funded.