Thursday, November 5, 2009

Father Philip Keane: HealthCare Reform - A Moral Imperative


Why Healthcare Reform is a Moral Issue for our Faith Communities

A Talk by The Reverend Father Philip Keane, SS
Priest, author, moral theologian

Blessed Sacrament Church
Johnson City, NY; November 5, 2009

Sponsor: People of Faith For Health Care Reform

What One Person Can Do (Binghamton, NY area info):

Call, write or visit your local representatives.

Write a letter to the editor or guest viewpoint:

Tell your representatives and others your health care story!

Join a local group working on the issue of health care:
People of Faith for Health Care Reform
Contact: Rev. Fred Brooks - (607) 754-8277
E-mail: fbrooksjr -at-

Citizen Action – Contact Mary Clark – (607) 723-0110

Educate yourself on the issue:
Attend an information night or health care event

Visit the following websites:

For additional resources or information contact Amy at the Justice & Peace Resource Center:
(607) 729-9166