Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Liberty in Peril: The State of Freedom on Campus


How to Be Proactive About Student Rights

Binghamton University
February 18, 2009

Speaker: Adam Kissel

Statement from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education:

Despite mission statements dedicated to free expression and free thought, college campuses across the country have betrayed their students by maintaining unconstitutional and illiberal policies that violate their students’ rights. Highlighted in the recent case of Andre Massena, the graduate student who was nearly suspended because of flyers he posted critical of a university department, and last year’s implementation of a harsh “failure to cooperate” policy, which violates students’ privacy and due process rights by requiring them to exit their dorm rooms at the request of a university official, Binghamton University and its administration have shown that Binghamton is no exception.

Adam Kissel, of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), will be coming to Binghamton on February 18th to discuss the state of freedom on campus and what we can do to preserve student rights.

He will be specifically talking about the university's disregard for Freedom of Speech, exemplified in the recent Andre Massena case. Also school policies like "Failure to Cooperate," which was implemented this year and violates our right to privacy and due process will be touched on and equally importantly, Adam will be talking about how we students can be proactive about student rights to ensure that our liberties are protected.

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