Bring OVOC to Your TV

Would you like to get the videos you see on this blog aired on TV in your U.S. community?

If your local cable TV station offers cable access TV (CATV) then you probably can.

CATV is a means by which ordinary citizens can get non-commercial air time on their local cable TV station. Most cable TV stations require those wishing to do this to meet residency requirements, meaning only those residing within the station's coverage area can get air time. However, they will usually make exceptions for non-residents who can find a "local sponsor." All you need to do is sign an agreement (which your local cable company will provide) saying you want to act as local sponsor for Other Voices, Other Choices. Air time on cable access TV is free, so it won't cost you anything except maybe a stamp and a few minutes of your time. After that, the local sponsor usually has no on-going time commitment, although local rules may vary. Generally I send DVDs directly to the station for broadcast. The cable company will provide a booklet which spells everything out, and I can also help answer any questions you may have.

As my local sponsor you will be legally responsible for the content I air, and this is understandably a sticking point for many who would otherwise be willing to act as local sponsor. However:
  • I have been doing this for several years, with multiple local sponsors, and have yet to create legal trouble of any sort for myself or my sponsors. I can provide references in this regard.
  • I can send program DVDs to you, rather than to the station, if you prefer to check the content first. You would then forward the DVDs to the station for broadcast.
  • If you browse the videos on this blog, or look through the keywords in the left column, you will get a sense of the subject matter I deal with. None of it runs afoul of copyright or decency laws, except for the occasional four-letter word which I either bleep out or simply don't include in the TV edit.
  • I also air these videos on my own TV show, for which I am legally responsible, in Binghamton, NY. I wouldn't do this if I thought they were going to cause me legal trouble.
The legal risk is extremely low, while the need for non-corporate TV is great. By becoming a local sponsor you will help me break the corporate media blockade.

The following link is geared more toward event organizers and presenters, but will give you a sense of the power of cable access TV:

Media Primer for Organizers and Presenters

For more information, contact me via the form shown in the left margin.

Bring non-corporate television to your community!